Friday, October 2, 2009

How To Guarantee Your Family Eats Only Healthy Breakfast Foods

By Jamis Hartley

Eating the right breakfast foods at the start of your day is a very important step that should not be excluded regardless of how busy or rushed you might be. Getting a good start in the morning will pay much better dividends in energy levels and possibly reduced waistline.

Breakfast foods typically have high sugar content if you purchase many of the ready made cereals that are on the market today. This isn't necessarily a good start for you or your children and tends to let them down about mid-morning.

There are a lot of things to get done at the beginning of everyday. With two working parents and young kids doing their best to be on time for the bus, getting the balanced nutrition in our breakfast foods becomes a major challenge.

If you do a little pre-planning, you can make the worry of getting the right breakfast foods a bit more manageable. By considering the many different options and exploring different recipes, you can achieve good nutrition and the rewards that come with it.

Many of us don't do breakfast foods because we simply don't think of it. The best time to worry about breakfast, particularly if you're a busy household, isn't in the morning. Getting breakfast ready may be done on the weekend or the evening when you've got a few minutes to spare.

It can be very helpful at this pre-planning time to ask the kids or other members of the family what they might like to have for breakfast. Helping them choose a healthy lifestyle is much easier taught during the low stress times on a comfortable couch with no deadlines than in the middle of chaos in the morning. After all, healthy living is a family matter.

If the kids have some input into whats going to be on their plate they are a lot more likely to eat it. If they have a hand in making those breakfast foods, they are not only more likely to eat them, but also to take some lessons in pre-planning and a good healthy breakfast that may stick with them.

Once the weekend rolls around most of us seem to find a little extra time to bake a little more than during the rigorous work and school days. It isn't much more difficult to double a few of the breakfast foods you prepare over the weekend. Often a delicious coffee cake is made on Saturday morning when time isn't at a premium, why not double the recipe and store the rest for Tuesday or Wednesday. Pancakes, particularly whole wheat pancakes, taste great warmed up a few days later. It will save you a lot of effort through the week if you can prepare a few extra breakfasts ahead of time.

Make healthy breakfast foods a priority. Do a little planning and preparing ahead of time. Avoiding the fast and easy high sugar stuff will provide a lot more lasting energy. Seek after whole grains that enter the system a lot slower helping you to maintain your energy longer. It shouldn't take long for you to master a plan that will come naturally and help you and your family live a healthy lifestyle.

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