Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pest Control-Vineyard Grapes

By Pierre Duponte

There are several different types of pests that threaten a grapevine. Types of pests include disease, insects or even birds and deer.


The most common types of diseases are mildew, black rot, phomopsis cane, leaf spot and fungus. In the case your vine comes down with a disease, there will be symptoms that will help you identify the problem. The most frequent symptoms of disease are vine leaf discoloration, a film covering the leaves, and fuit decay. If your grapevine gets infected, a fungicide can be used to cure the disease. Make sure to investigate thoroughly the symptoms of your vines' disease to determine a fungicide that will clear up the problem.


There are a ton of insects just waiting to engross themselves in your hard work. Grape berry moths lay their eggs directly on the surface of the grapes. The larva then hatches and bore into the berries leaving behind small holes and webbing between berries indicating a problem. Grape leafhoppers are insect that feed on the undersides of the leaves. Fortunately only extremely high populations of this insect can cause damage to the crop. The Japanese beetle continues to expand its distribution within the United States. They can seriously reduce the productivity of the vine. Rose chafers are a large beetle that feed directly on the clusters of grapes. On average, grapevines can withstand low to moderate levels of insect damage. Most of the time, it is only necessary to control insects when they threaten a large portion of the leaf area or the fruit itself. Insecticides can be used to control insect infestation.


Birds are probably, one of the most damaging pests that your grapevine will encounter. However, there a various solutions to bird pests that are easy to employ. Some people find relief by installing a net over their grapevines, establishing a physical barrier between the birds and the fruit. Nevertheless, this net must be removed during the winter months in order to prevent icing over the plants. Another option to control a bird problem in your grapevine is to use visual repellents to guide the birds away from the vineyard. The most popular visual repellents used by grape growers are aluminum plates, faux hawks, owls or snakes.


While deer will only be a threat in certain areas, they can cause serious damage to your vines if it is not prevented. Odor repellents are a practical solution to this problem: dog hair, human hair, coyote hair and soap as the leading kinds of repellents recommended by most growers.

With all of the dedication and hard work it takes to produce a grape crop, preventing pests from ruining it should be a high priority.

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