Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Popular Washington DC Restaurants

By Michael Sasaki

Here are some fascinating restaurants that you can visit in Washington DC

Juniper at the Fairmont Washington DC Restaurant - The Juniper Fairmont is located near the historic Georgetown in Washington D.C. Having been renovated at $12million cost, the hotel has been done up beautifully now. It has an open sunny lobby and a very beautifully decorated central garden courtyard. The restaurant has spacious rooms and a casual restaurant where visitors can order for great mid-Atlantic food varieties. The hotel is a major tourist attraction for anyone traveling close to Washington DC. The hotel also has a health club and kid-centric areas like pool, coloring corner and babysitting area.

Jaleo " Jaleo offers excellent Spanish food items with special mention on manchego salad and shrimp varieties. True to its name, which means uproar, the hotel is always filled with people who love Spanish foods. In Jaleo one can find a full bar, outdoor dining, take outs, weekend brunches and even, wheelchair access for the needy. 5-7 PM on every Mondays is a must-visit time because thats when they

Zaytinya Zaytinya is a unique name and so is the food that is served in this restaurant. It is a four-star restaurant that provides delicious Mediterranean food varieties. The restaurant has been awarded the Fodors Choice and Wine Spectator Award of Excellence awards. The place is always live with live music, delicious food, full bar, brunches, fine wine etc., and many other things that are great tourist attractions. The restaurant is a great hang out for friends.

Lauriol Plaza - The Lauriol Plaza is large place that is always full of people. There are tables placed in the sidewalks, on the rooftop deck and in the two-tiered dining room. They specialize in Spanish food like margaritas, grilled meat and tasty camarones diablo (six broiled jumbo shrimp seasoned with spices). The Plaza is great place for Sunday mid-day food fiestas.

During vacations make sure to visit these places to have yummy Spanish, Mediterranean and other continental foods. Happy Vacationing!

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