Thursday, October 1, 2009

Popular Californian Restaurants

By Michael Sasaki

One of the popular tourist destinations in United States is California. Cities like San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco are places where every tourist would love to come back for summer vacations. It has natural beauty abounding the coastline, making it a great place for vacationing with family and friends. Here are some of the fantastic hotels around California which are always booked throughout the year.

BRISAS (LAS) - Las Brisas has a fantastic view of the beach, which can never be forgotten by any tourist. The restaurant is perfectly set for great afternoon summer drinks, along with friends and family. This beach restaurant serves the best Mexican cuisine in California. The hotel has intricately made up interiors that match excellent food that is served. The breakfast buffet on Saturday mornings is a treat for families traveling with kids. A walk on the beach after the meal makes the dining experience a treat.

Serras Bar & Grill - Serra is a popular restaurant that is famous for the Middle East music that is constantly played here. The food served at Serra has a great international flair, and the interiors has been done up in a real cool way. Tourists should make sure to check out the Turkish ouzo and pita bread the next time they visit California.

Apple Farm - Every tourist is struck by the fine attention given to every detail in this hotel. The hotel is a cozy place, and the staff has kept it nice and warm with the decor never having changed even once. The hotel is a lovely place for young singles, honeymooners, older travelers and families with young children.

Madrona Manor Restaurant - The restaurant rooms are lovely, especially the terrace where live jazz is played alongside fantastic dinner spreads. The hotel is well designed with beautiful gardens. The common areas are elegantly decorated with dark antiques. The food served is of high quality, delicious, and very beautiful served by the staff. With picturesque hills surrounding the restaurant, it is a great place to relax.

Koi - Koi is a perfect place to go for some celebrity citing. This hotel offers great food to taste, although food portions are quite small. The fireplace is a new concept and people love it for the coziness it offers. The place is usually filled with media people because of the large turnout of celebrities here.

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