Friday, October 2, 2009

Stay Young By Understanding Free Radicals

By Dr. Mathias Wikenslop

The acai fruit is a tasteful, fresh, organic fruit that comes with a wealth of antioxidants. In order to prevent damage to the body as well as slow the aging process, antioxidants are needed as part of a regular diet.

The process of the body's cells using oxygen produces by-products (also known as free radicals) that can do damage to our body. Antioxidants prevent and repair damage done by these free radicals. By ensuring your body is full of antioxidants, you can protect yourself from this damage.

Terrible consequences can occur when free radicals are able to roam free in the body. These toxic by-products are the reason our DNA breaks down opening the door for cancer. free radicals can destroy our cells to the point where they break down so much they stop working.

Depending on where the damage was created by these toxic radicals, the range of destruction can lead to neurological damage all the way to hormonal problems. The acai berry produces enough antioxidants that when taken as a regular part of your diet can prevent and fight off these free radicals.

Antioxidants have shown for years that they are the optimal way to maintain, repair, and strengthen the body from free radicals.

Dr. Perricone is the one who introduced the mainstream audience to this amazing fruit by writing a book entitled, the Perricone Promise. In this book he writes that the acai berry is the most perfect food on the planet.

In this book, Dr. Perricone also states that the acai fruit berry has every ingredient needed to look and feel younger. Also, according to Dr. Perricone the fruit contains everything needed to revitalize your health and hinder the process of aging.

The acai berry is categorized as a super food that gives you all of the nutrients needed when eradicating, preventing, and fighting harmful radicals. This fruit is defiantly worth researching if your goal is improving your overall health and well being

The acai berry is the perfect food to improve overall health, reduce aging, and fighting free radicals and could be just the missing supplement your body needs to creating the new you.

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